Production control systems

Cielo Manufacturing is a browser-based automated system that generates NC, keeping in mind: monitoring of production processes and optimization of material and machine usage rate.


  • Accelerates production planning
  • Reduces design flaws
  • Optimize your production
  • Reduces waste of material

Technical features

  • Cutting optimization
  • NC files for sawing and machine tools
  • Generating CAM and NC files
  • Create and manage production batches, work orders, delivery packaging, etc.
  • Language versions and localization. The system and documentation to be created are available in different languages for each user!
  • Interfaces with other ERP and CRM applications
  • Maintenance service 24/7, secured with backups
From the Cielo system, you can build a suitable system for your entire chain supply! You can choose the functions you need for sales, 3D design and production planning, and thus build a business-friendly system without overlapping functionality. The system also has all necessary interfaces for your business with other systems such as ERP and CRM systems.

This gives you an innovative design program for your use


Define your needs, together your application is created


We present a way to meet your needs


We ensure that all the people you need in your organization know how to use the program

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With this new application, you will get a lot more sales and at same time the quality of your bids increased