In year 2010 research and development take place; based on the idea that any parametrizable technical product can be automated keeping in mind the entire chain supply: from sales to installation and further disposal. In addition, and due to technologies advantages, that would be achieved into cloud server: Accurate design and 3D modeling is possible!

Regardless hardware, operating system, time and location (including languages) efficient and independent work is done in real-time with robust system support and fully collaboration with other colleagues. SSA Digi Oy has developed Cielo technology together with its construction and metal industry customers in real business environments.

We have turned our technology based on three modules. Cielo Sales: i.e. sales configurators and purchase order system, Cielo Engineering: product configurators and design automation systems, and Cielo Manufacturing: i.e. production control and optimization systems. Every module and even part of the module can work autonomously and might be integrated with existing digital systems, but the greatest benefit is achieved through the introduction of the Cielo technology throughout the entire supply chain. Because of our long-term development, our business growth sharply in 2016 and we are aiming for the global market in year 2017.

Technical features

  • A completed business environment for browser-based cloud computing. Creating, maintaining, and deploying new client environments (Deployment) has been well-polished and improved all the time.
  • Configure customer environment features, so-called flagging. This enables agile, modular customization and updating without the need for great programming.
  • Ready configuration interfaces, such as our "drawing board" and 3D environment. All intellectual property rights are owned by SSA Digi Oy and the technology is fully customizable for different usage needs.
  • A complete concept for handling large data information, such as tables, in design automation.
  • A complete technology for web-based creation of 3D models of products and a database of product or structural features. In our concept, our customers will automatically receive drawings and machine control files directly from Cielo's 3D models and database, but interfaces enable the actual 3D design or creation of native objects to be made in a separate application.
  • Other pre-built features that are fully configurable to the customer's easy-to-use menus without coders, for example:
    • Product-specific design parameters
    • Pricing automation
    • Managing language versions
    • User Management (creation, editing, user interface language, user-specific product portfolio management, user-specific price management)
  • A finished and proven concept for design of automation on a customer-specific basis. Substance competence (construction, machine and mechanical design) and IT skills in their own hands.
  • Continuous Integration, CI, is used in our program codes, i.e., in every single update run a series of automated tests are run to assure that all applications are running during production.